>FAQ for Students

I would like to book a viewing, what do I do?
Select the property and click the ‘request a viewing’ tab. On the home page select ‘send an enquiry’, giving the property address.

Alternatively please contact the office by email  enquiries@UniGaff.co.uk.

Or drop us a dm on any of our social media pages!

Or call us on 01792 719118.
What fees do you charge?
We don’t charge any administration fees for processing your application or completing the inventory at the beginning and end of your tenancy.  You pay a security deposit (see below) and rent.  
How long is the tenancy?
Our Tenancies normally run from 20th June to 19th June, unless stated differently, but we can extend tenancies if you so wish.
Tell me more about the contract?
We give you an Assured Shorthold Tenancy Contract/Agreement to sign before your tenancy starts. Your contract tells you how much rent is to be paid, who is responsible for repairs and how long the tenancy lasts. Our contracts are signed online which makes it easier for you and contributes to our goal of being paperless.
Are bills included?
Yes. Bills are included unless you request otherwise. Gas/electric/water/tv/broadband are all included. Students currently are exempt from Council tax.
How much deposit do I need?
The deposit on almost all properties is £50pp.
Can I leave my contract early?
Yes. If a suitable replacement can be found, all group members must agree on the replacement and the replacement must fit our criteria, subject to checks.
If a replacement cannot be found, the tenant that is requesting to leave will remain responsible for their contractual obligations.
Does the property have a cleaner?
All properties are professionally cleaned before you move in. In addition to this, most UniGaff-owned properties also have termly cleaners provided by UniGaff to maintain the communal areas. As this service is gifted by UniGaff it can be withdrawn.
Are all properties furnished?
All our properties are fully furnished. The kitchens are equipped with cookers, washing machines with dryers, fridges, freezers and hoovers. Most also contain dishwashers. Adequate seating, dining furniture and a TV is provided in communal areas. Each bedroom has a double bed (4’ or 4’6”), wardrobe, desk, chair and chest of draws where suitable.
Can I keep a pet in the house?
Unfortunately not. I know a dog may make for a great Instagram shot, but we ask that you leave the pets with the parents!
Do you have shared houses where I can just rent one room?
Yes. Although most of our properties are let on a group basis with a joint tenancy, we have some properties where we rent individual rooms.
What are the best areas of Swansea to live in?
Please refer to the “Our City” section of the website to help decide which area is best for you, or alternatively email/call us so that we can help you decide.
When do you release your properties for the next academic year?
As a general rule we launch our properties at the start of November to book for the following academic year. However, on request, we have also rented properties two years in advance. Booking two years in advance has proven particularly helpful to those groups taking gap years or international placements.
What if my student finance arrives after my tenancy starts?
Don’t worry, we understand how student finance works and we are pretty flexible with our payment terms as long as you keep us informed. Just contact us if you have any concerns.
When can we move in?
We can generally be flexible with tenancy start dates, however it depends when the previous tenants move out and how much cleaning and maintenance work needs to be done.
Can two people share one room?
Generally, no - the rooms within the house are for single occupancy (even though the majority of the rooms have double beds!). However, you can rent most of the 1 bed flats as a couple.

Do students have to pay council tax?

Full-time students are currently exempt from council tax; however, any professional tenants that are living in a student house/flat will be responsible for making their own council tax payments. Please note that if any professional tenants live with students tenants they would be responsible for paying council tax for the whole property not just their share of it.

How do we get rid of our rubbish?

This will either be via Swansea Council or privately. We will inform you of the bin collection days and provide you with more information before moving in. Please make sure that all rubbish is put into black bags, secured tightly and only put outside the flat the night before collection day.

Is there anywhere to store my bike?

For those of you with bikes, we offer covered storage in some of our properties.